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New Partnership with The Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy!

Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy (HKGTA) has recently announced a new partnerships with THIA Wellness at the Academy’s sports and wellness complex located on the outskirts of Sai Kung in the New Territories.

The tie-up together with sports partners, PGA of America Learning & Performance, Bruguera Tennis Academy, Eliteswim Academy and Joint Dynamics reaffirm the Academy’s status as Hong Kong’s first world-class, total wellness destination.

Industry pioneer, THIA Wellness joins HKGTA to head the Academy’s total wellbeing offering. Recognised for its bespoke, customer-centric service approach, the operator’s remit extends from massage therapy and meditation treatments to gastronomy, education and guest room services.

Located a short walk from the main Sports House, THIA Wellness will provide patrons with a range of spa, massage and facial treatments, as well as yoga, Pilates and meditation sessions.

THIA Wellness will also oversee the Academy’s ground-breaking Gastronomy Lab, where we will provide a series of on- and offline cooking and nutritional classes, while the Guest Room service will make in-room massage experiences available in all 89 rooms.

The partnership will be further complimented by a full range of retail products available exclusively to HKGTA patrons such as its Vinoble ‘nature in a jar’ cosmetics range, sourced from natural grape-based ingredients in Austria.

‘THIA Wellness is truly excited to be a partner of HKGTA, providing patrons with unique and customized wellness experiences, services and products that are the embodiment of our ‘sophisticated simplicity’ philosophy,” said Barry White, Founder and Owner of THIA Wellness.

Frequently described as ‘Hong Kong’s best kept secret’, Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy is an 820,000 sq. ft sports and wellness complex located on the outskirts of Sai Kung in the New Territories. It serves to provide patrons with the opportunity to learn from world-class coaches, using the very best international standard facilities, enabling a new generation of sports enthusiasts to reach their full potential.

THIA Wellness - Previously known as WHITE in Wellness remains a WHITE (HK) Ltd brand

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