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The 'Happy Ali' - Positive News Network Launches !

What’s the happiest animal in the world right now? Which secret ingredient is key to happiness in the kitchen? What positive news does Dr Michael Mosley reveal? Can lobsters really be the answer to the world’s plastic problem?

These aren’t typical headlines to wake up to, but the creator of a new global site launching today believes your day will be a better one if it starts with positive news.

Happy Ali has been created to combat the serious psychological effects negative news is having on people worldwide. For many, the simple act of reading the news causes anxiety, stress and negatively affects their outlook on life.

Mr Arthur Koeman, founder and CEO of Happy Ali, believes the simple act of reading positive news can create a happier life. “Positive news works as medicine for a healthier mind and body,” says the Hong Kong-based Founder. “I was inspired to create Happy Ali for everyone who is distressed by the daily serving of disheartening news – we need the good news to outweigh the bad.”

With editorial teams across the globe, Happy Ali provides quality independent journalism with a focus on inspiring and life-affirming stories. With pillars ranging from wellness, science, environment, lifestyle, food and travel, readers can connect with topics that they love and interact with a like-minded community on digital and social platforms.

Led by award-winning Editors Robyn Foyster and Sooni Shroff-Gander covering Europe, America and South East Asia. Robyn has her own media company and was previously Editor-in-Chief of The Australian Women’s Weekly, as well as Group Publisher for the Hearst Magazines in Australia. Sooni is a publisher, writer, and content strategist with international print and digital companies including The Financial Times, The Condé Nast Group, Art Basel, and Edipresse. Sooni is also Co-Founder of the Sassy Media Group.

Sooni Shroff-Gander says: “ We ’ re going to disrupt the status quo of traditional newspapers with an undeniably uplifting spin on world news -- an antidote to the storm of negativity thrust on us daily by the mainstream media. We plan to fill our readers with joy!”

Robyn Foyster says: “It’s a privilege to work with such an incredible global team on a site that takes pride in delivering positive news at a time when we most need it.”

For further information and to start your day with a smile visit . When you sign up remember to use the following payment code: HABW1

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