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Created with Intent. Made to Empower


“Every blend, product and treatment created by Subtle Energies is governed by a specific and pure intent, this is then carried through to the individual’s experience of our products and services. If as a creator your intent is pure, through the power of vibrational medicine natural energies promote and transfer wellness, empowering at all levels of our being. Through skincare and beauty you feel empowered and when you are empowered you feel and show beauty, they co-exist” said, Farida Irani, Founder of Subtle Energies.


Every aspect of Subtle Energies is guided by a specific intent. This process starts from sourcing the highest grade of oils, through sustainable and ethical trade using artisan distillers that produce rare, pure and quality active ingredients, each with its own intent and purpose. 


Intent is implemented into the blending of these ingredients to create highly beneficial results using Ayurveda and Aromatherapy principles to address beauty and wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional level.  Intent is behind the creation of every sequence and step in the Subtle Energies’ treatments, providing an exceptional results-driven spa journey. Subtle Energies’ intensive training programs share and deliver this concept of intent. 


Through the creation of intent the aim is to provide the individual with an evolution process where the body is put into a rest, relax and a restorative state of being, helping to dissolve anxiety and inhibitions. This renewing experience is specifically designed to empower and provide confidence through beauty and a holistic approach for the body, mind and soul.

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