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Duncan Palmer 
Managing Director -Murray Hotel, Hong Kong

Jorgen Christensen  
Managing Director -Niccolo Hotel, Changsha, China

"It has been a very pleasant and fulfilling experience working with Barry, and he had really contributed tremendously from his experience and insight in the spa & wellness industry"


Patrick Wong - VP Design and Planning Construction - Wyndham Hotel Group - Greater China. 

(Previously VP of Projects at Langham Hospitality Group)

Anthony Lee
VP Technical Services - Langham Hospitality Group

"Barry is creative and energtic. An excellent communicator and leader. He is well liked and respected by his collegues and clients alike.
It has been an absolut pleasure to work with Barry."

Marianne Nielsen

Opening Director - Katara Hospitality 

Barry is an exceptional individual in the world of spa & wellness management. He has the rare ability to be a creative brand marketer as well. This is an important trait for someone who leads operations globally. He understands the need to pull through operationally what marketing needs to communicate to their audiences – creating one seamless brand experience that customers will want to talk about and come back to. This has made my job as a PR and marketer infinitely easier as it allows for creativity and focus in developing new ideas that can tell a story well in each market. Barry has an innate marketing ability and creativity in developing programmes that motivate and engage his audiences which make it a rigorous exercise in developing plans that support his marketing vision.


He has the ability to inspire the best from people around him and get things done to exceptionally high standards. Every project we’ve worked together on was a pleasure to work on with great results for stakeholders all round.

Ainslie Cheung

Managing Partner - The Qi Asia 

Amit Oberoi  
Managing Director -Edsa, Shangri-la Hotel, Manila

Sascha Lang 
Chief Technical Officer - Katara Hospitality

"Barry is a talented spa consultant with boundless positivity and creativity. He’s a great team player, working well with other consultants both domestically and internationally.


Barry understands appropriate and contextual design, often times, showing a cultural sensitivity that is rare in the industry. I worked with him on a 5-star luxury hotel project in China, and his carefulness and understanding the local context and tradition helped us to provide a great design.


He is truly a passionate spa consultant. I look forward to his continuing contribution for future projects."

James Lee 
Associate Design Director -

"I had the pleasure of working with Barry while I was working for The Langham in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Sydney. Barry demonstrate a passion for the spa and wellness business along with a high level of professionalism. Besides his creative outlook on ways to develop and support the hotels, he also explored new ways for the group spas to remain competitive in the market."


Christian Wildhaber

Hotel Manager - Mandarin Oriental 

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