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We are inspired by the notion that all projects and business are unique and require a tailored, bespoke solution to ensure the most successful outcome. We are about creating new lifestyles whether personal or commercial in HOSPITALITY | SPA | WELLNESS | FITNESS.

We are able to share our wealth of knowledge, through concept, design and management.
To be recognised as a leading innovative, visionary wellness business consultancy. Continually building stakeholder loyalty and value.
  • Sophisticated Simplicity
  • Effective and Open Communication
  • Demonstrate High Integrity
  • Be Passionate 
  • Be Inclusive
  • Better Every Day
  • Bespoke
Founder and Managing Director

With over 25 years of experience in the hospitality, spa, wellness, fitness and recreation industry. Barry is passionate about developing authentic, unique and innovative experiences. Whilst ensuring sustainable commercial viability. Continually striving to redefining operational and commercial boundaries with entrepreneurial drive.


Barry has the ability to unite a team around common goals, inspire them to take bold actions and lead them to overcome obstacles to contribute their efforts to significant new heights of success. He has a proven track record of initiating and inspiring cross-functional teams to deliver on multi-disciplinary projects, by leveraging his skills in influencing, leading, negotiating and delegating.



Barry is a senior executive with global leadership experience in world-class luxury and lifestyle brands including Conrad Hotels, The Landmark Group, Langham Hospitality Group, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts and Niccolo Hotels & Resort. His broad industry experience, in-depth hospitality wellness expertise has all combined to amplify the success of the businesses he has led.


Barry is a leading industry change maker and visionary, regularly appearing in key conferences as a speaker and panellist to share his success matrix and opinion. Including World Spa & Wellness Conventions, Global Wellness Summit and Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition Roundtable



Barry is a strategically focused, results-oriented leader with a proven track record in delivering projects on time, within budget and with outstanding results. Throughout his career he has demonstrated an innate ability to establish a brands authority in new markets, respecting their heritage and narrating their story. 


By developing creative project and operational concepts, he has successfully and strategically aligned the business to their respective target audiences. His multi-disciplinary approach, has helped him to lead and support the companies in his portfolio to unparalleled growth and expansion.

Completed 20 hotel and resort pre-openings and renovations projects and oversaw 20 active new developments.


Barry is best known for spearheading the creation of the Global Wellness & Spa brand Chuan Spa Langham Hospitality Groups proprietary brand.

Overseeing all aspect of the internationally award winning Chuan Spa brand that comprised of 33 projects and operations, throughout the Asia Pacific, China, US and the UK. Chuan Spa was created based upon the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, fostering its concept beyond the spa, with robust engagement within the hotel division, deployment of external educational seminars, the creation of the Chuan Academy and partnering with leading wellness experts. Ultimately enhancing the value proposition of the Langham Hotels group worldwide.


Chuan Spa is recognised as one of leading hospitality wellness brands, globally.


Associated Businesses

Professional Associations

Global Wellness Day Ambassador for Hong Kong (


Judge for Destination Deluxe Awards


Judge for the Asia Spa Magazine Awards


Broad Member of Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (


Judge for the World Spa & Wellness Awards


Member of the Global Hotel Network – Brand & Investors Committee


Member of the International Spa Association


Industry panelist at Global Spa Summit 


Industry panelist at European Spa Conference 


Industry panelist at COSMOPROF Asia Spa Conference 

Recognition and Awards

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